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Spice is nice... Try it once, You'll try it Twice!

Gourmet Barbecue Marinade

Sweet Momma Brown’s has three products, Original, Spicy and Spicy hot marinades. The Original BBQ marinade consist of a tomato base loaded with fresh onions, garlic, special blend of soy sauce and just enough spices to give a full and soulful flavor.  The Spicy and Spicy Hot BBQ marinades consistent of the same ingredients with a greater kick.

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The Marinades


The marinades can be used with many different recipes and varieties of different foods. You can enhance the flavor of any dish by using Sweet Momma Brown's Gourmet BBQ Marinade.  Be creative and enjoy!












The marinades can also be used as a delicious:

Barbecue Sauce

Salad Dressing


Dipping sauce (vegetable, chips)



Sweet Momma Brown

Sweet Momma Brown Smile

The name Sweet Momma Brown represents the women in my family, church and community that were great cooks.  As a little girl, I had my most joyful moments cooking with my mom, grandmother and aunts.  They instilled in me the importance of flavor and always said food had to have flavor to be delicious.

Sweet Momma Brown's Gourmet BBQ Marinade is the result of many years cooking for family and friends.  In the Summer of 1998 I was encouraged to enter a BBQ competition and won first place at the Central Area Bite and Jazz Festival.

Northwest Soul is my way of creating flavorful foods for the enjoyment of down-home cooking.  I emphasize bringing family and friends together by preparing flavorful dishes that cultivate love of family unity.